Sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. Optical Output Power to 100 mW Performance of Single Chip Sterilization UV LED

Colombia, SC, USA – September 18, 2010 – Of the ultraviolet light emitting diodes (UV LEDs) operating in the sterilization wavelength range with an ongoing development program to strengthen the sensor Electronic Technology, Inc. (SETI) Is again above the maximum optical power record. Single chip device. In December 2009, SETI reported a constant current output of 30 mW with fungicide, a large area single-chip wavelength range with an active area of 1 mm 2. Through today, SETI currently achieves single-chip constant current performance of 100 mW. Sterilization wavelength range. This level of single chip performance is not yet available for SETI production LEDs, but high power UV LED lamps can be used with UVCLEAN® trademark with sterilizing power of up to 50 mW. Recently SETI has demonstrated disinfection in “on demand” drinking water system using 30 mW LED lamp. “High power UV LED is essential for achieving the necessary disinfection level at the time of use SETI ‘s Remis Gaska president and CEO says:” Continued development of this large area high power UV LED It helps to lower the price per milliwatt. It will allow UV LEDs to enter the cost-effective disinfection market. ” SETI is the latest data on high power single chip LEDs International 24th – September 19th Workshop on Nitride (IWN) in Tampa, Florida, USA.